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New year boost for MYCRANE as four lifting experts join the team


MYCRANE, the world’s first digital platform for the search and selection of cranes, has strengthened its team with the appointment of four experienced executives

MYCRANE expansion continues with new franchisee in India


MYCRANE, the digital platform for the search and selection of cranes, has announced the appointment of Sahil Freight Express Pvt Ltd as exclusive pan-India franchisee.

MYCRANE signs MoU with Swiss-based EPCM, PESCO Switzerland AG


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 14 – MYCRANE – the world’s first digital platform for the search and selection of crane contractors – has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PESCO Switzerland AG, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management company (EPCM) with the Headquarters in Zug.

MYCRANE set to launch in four more countries as franchisees are appointed


MYCRANE has appointed four new franchisees, expanding the footprint of the world’s first digital platform for the search and selection of cranes.

Installation of an overhead crane

Any crane should at least be assembled before operation. An overhead crane is no exception. Of course, these processes, as well as dismantling after the service life expiration, transportation or other situations should involve skilled specialists. A team should assess design features and installation locations prior to installation

What are the differences between an overhead crane and an electric hoist?

People not dealing with these mechanisms are often confused in wordings and mix up their names. In this article, we are explaining why an overhead crane and a telpher are not the same.

Railway Track-laying cranes

Track laying machines can be either split or sectional. Split track laying machines carry rails, sleepers and fasteners separately to the site and install the railbed on site. The sectional ones also stack pre-assembled pieces of railbed with a length of 12.5 or 25 meters. These, in turn, come in two types - rail or tractor-mounted.

Crane disposal

It is often economically unprofitable to restore the equipment to a functional state, and many not so conscientious people buy obsolete equipment, squeeze a couple of years out of it, and abandon it, and so on and so forth. Such a fate usually awaits truck cranes.

What causes cranes to fall?

The sight of big things moving is always breathtaking. Remember how, as a kid, you would excitedly look at a construction site? Remember how you were thrilled when you were a child and still don’t understand that this work is the result of the well-coordinated efforts of dozens and hundreds of people, from the moment the crane is built until it is put into operation at the construction site

Occupational diseases of crane operators

There is a popular folk wisdom which says, "All occupations are good,". It would be silly to argue with it. However, let’s add that each occupation has its peculiar diseases. For example, miners are at risk of developing lung diseases, such as bronchitis and asthma. Most warehouse loaders would almost certainly complain of joint and back pain. Surgeons and anesthesiologists are constantly subjected to stress.

Dam across the Caspian Sea

Let’s start with the fact that the first thoughts of damming the Caspian Sea date back to 1940. As you can understand, the country was not ready to embark on such a massive project. Forty years later, the project was revived again and a "test dam" was built. But what was it all for?

How and why should a truck crane be made cold proof?

The increase of failures of truck cranes as well as any automotive equipment operating in winter is a natural phenomenon, and the growth of failures is directly proportional to the drop in ambient temperature

Explosion proof cranes

In addition to climate, cranes are used in different technological environments. For example, explosion-proof cranes are used in explosive environments, where they operate perfectly in harsh conditions

Lifting frames

Lifting frames are quick-release load-gripping devices that are positioned between the load and the crane hook.

Illumination of overhead cranes

For safe operation of lifting equipment it is very important to ensure visibility of the work area, as well as illumination on the bridge or cart when carrying out adjustment and repair work

How a tower crane cab is designed

When performing construction work on large sites and there is a need to load large containers, a tower crane is used

Expert inspection

Safety and quality of performance of any operation are directly related to the condition of the equipment that is involved in this process. And if not only the terms of the task execution, but also human health and life depend on the equipment, then you cannot get by without professional operators.

Safety precautions when using lcc (load-carrying-capacity) equipment

The operation of any crane is associated with an increased risk both to the personnel below, the operator himself, and the equipment, materials and everything in the crane's area of operation. This means that safety rules must not be ignored.

Zakhary crane collapse

The laws of physics do not care about which flag waves on what soil, as cranes collapse all over the world – most often the culprit being good old gravity. Today we’ll combine several stories into one and tell you about the most powerful non-self-propelled floating crane in Ukraine, the disaster that ensued, and how it all ended

Tower crane extension

The height of a tower crane is variable. It's no secret and certainly not a miracle, but just a workflow that is triggered when the crane needs to be extended. This is done by installing additional sections. Naturally, you must first develop an appropriate project and have it approved by Rostekhnadzor

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